Thanksgiving is upon us already and, even in these times, there is so much to be thankful for! There are so many things I am grateful for this year it’s hard to know where to begin.

Since my arrival this summer I have been so impressed with the energy and dedication of the entire staff. They worked tirelessly over the summer and into the school year while working through their own concerns, making numerous adjustments, and demonstrating time and time again how important the community’s children are to them.

I am also blessed to serve such incredible students and families! Students have remained so upbeat in these challenging times and shown an incredible capacity for adapting to changing circumstances.

As COVID coordinator for the school district I have had the opportunity to speak with so many families. Despite the trying circumstances of many of those conversations, families have been so supportive and understanding! They send us notes of thanks and appreciation, and have worked hard to partner with us to manage the pandemic response.

As a recent addition to the North Branch community, it’s hard to imagine that I could have felt more welcome. It has been a joy to meet so many of you, and I am so grateful for all those who have approached me to make introductions. This community is so impressive and the residents so clearly care deeply for their neighbors, friends, and fellow community members. It is supported by wonderful civic organizations and exhibits so much pride in the area and the people. I have been made to feel so at home and I am so grateful for that!

When I reflect on what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving, I will be thinking about all of you! I will be thinking how fortunate I am to have landed in such a wonderful area, full of such wonderful people, with such a wonderful passion for education and service. Thank you for allowing me to serve you!

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