A few months ago I borrowed a quote from Mr. Franklin (‘Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead’) and now stumbled across this one. Who knew Benjamin Franklin was so wise?

This quote, ‘Well Done’ is better than ‘Well Said’ truly speaks to my heart because living it does make a difference.

How many times in workplaces, politics, relationships - you name it - do we hear words spoken that lack follow through? And when you lack follow through you destroy one of the most important traits a person possesses - the ability to be trusted.

So how can we improve at being more of a, “Well Done’ vs. a, ‘Well Said’ person? Part of our efforts are to simply do a better job of prioritizing. For many of us this means you need to say no from time to time. Having a hard time saying no is often the exact reason something becomes ‘well said’ vs. ‘well done.’ This does not mean that I am encouraging people to do less, just that we need to examine those actions which truly make a difference and make sure they all become ‘well done.’ Take time to prioritize and in addition to making Mr. Franklin proud, your own life will become much more manageable.

I also want to take another opportunity to thank our staff and community for their efforts during these unique times. We feel fortunate that our PreK-7 grade students were able to stay in person this entire school year and as of Feb. 8 we have been able to bring the 8-12 grade students from their hybrid schedules to full in-person instruction as well.

Keep in mind Braham is BIG enough to offer opportunity, and SMALL enough to stand out!

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