Dear Editor:

Terry Flor from Terry’s Disposal has picked up trash, recyclables and junk nobody wants in the North Branch, Harris and Rush City area for 44 years!

Terry has taken everything people put out, this includes junk dumped on the side of the road and has really helped keep our area clean. Doing all this for 44 years has now gotten Terry’s Disposal in trouble with Chisago County and the city of North Branch.

Besides hauling trash since 1988, Terry and now daughter Angie, have been required to pick up recyclables and they bring them to their licensed recycling facility in North Branch, where they can sort items and store them on site until they have large enough loads to ship them. Sorting and baling cardboard, plastic and paper costs money in wages, materials and shipping. This is where they’ve gotten in trouble with Chisago County and North Branch, because as the value of recyclables has dropped dramatically they’ve been holding materials hoping for better prices.

This is highlighted by an article on recycling problems on the front page of the St. Paul Pioneer Press issue on Sunday, Dec. 8. The article states since China stopped importing most plastics in January 2018 prices have dropped off a cliff, also stating some office paper and newspaper have almost no value. Interestingly the city of St. Paul in 2019 paid their recycler Eureka Recycling $200,000 to help them continue recycling even with the low prices for materials.

I’m appealing to the Chisago County Board and the North Branch City Council to consider Terry’s Disposal 44 years of cleaning up our area to work with them to keep this local family business in business. Terry Disposal picked up recyclables at Highway 95 and County 30 in North Branch for years, I don’t see any other haulers doing this since Terry’s stopped doing it. It’s that local business, service and loyalty to customers that we will all lose it Terry’s is forced out of business.

Rick Olseen


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