Dear Editor:

The election is long over. You might count it as a win or a loss but that doesn’t change who you are or who your neighbors are. Jesus called us to “love our neighbors as ourselves.” You don’t have to be religious to understand that we are all more alike than different.

We have our good points and our faults. We should all be measured by our humanity. We all love our families and our freedom and so many other shared aspects of our humanity. That is you and that is me. We have to come together for our own benefit.

Animosity and hate are not healthy attitudes. My experience as a teacher and council member in Cambridge, teacher in St Paul with Hmong children and teacher in Minneapolis with Somali students has confirmed for me the fact that we all share in our humanity. It doesn’t matter the political party, the color of your skin, or any other factor. We need to embrace some good advice, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Howard Lewis


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