Dear Editor:

My husband and I live in Stanchfield. The traffic on Highway 65 is absolutely unbelievable. Something has to be done to help the residents get onto that highway or across it.

The cars waiting to enter onto Highway 65 are sometimes 12 deep. That is just the east side, going west. Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays, we can’t even plan on getting out onto that road or across.

County Road 3 is horrible. We need some sort of traffic control at this intersection and others as well. I am sure lots of residents feel the same way. It is all the tourists going up north to where ever they go, making it impossible for people around here to get around.

How many accidents or people are going to have to be killed before something is done. During the week there isn’t a problem; the road is busy but not like it is on the holidays or weekends.

Please, please do something before people get hurt or killed. It was bad when we moved up here 23 years ago and now it is much worse.

Rod and Kathy Leick


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