Dear Editor:

Friday early evening, Oct. 9, was the fulfillment of the dreams of Clark Swanson and his many, many believers. The Veterans Memorial Park Dedication Day Ceremony was impressive, inspiring, and “just right.” All the thousands of puzzle pieces fell magically into one giant memorial.

So even amid the virus induced separation, those attending the ceremony found oneness and a great sense of pride. In his vision, it was almost as though Clark heard the voices of so many of our veteran-loved ones shouting, ‘Remember us!” And Clark and his loving side kick Lynette, their daughter, and so many others answered.

It was a beautiful, incredibly moving, and heartfelt fall evening. It was moments of tears, of pride, of honor. “It was just right.”

I’m so proud to be a citizen of this so often “just right” community---and so very proud to know such citizens as the Clark Swanson family and all who put the puzzle pieces together.

Della Theis


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