Dear Editor:

Minnesota Eighth District Congressman Pete Stauber and I don’t agree on many things politically, however I had respect for him as a police officer, St. Louis County Commissioner, businessman and husband of a soldier.

That respect for him is now gone. He had the opportunity to be a national voice and leader as a Republican Congressman to call out former President Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen from him. He should have stood up and said our elections are fair, transparent and accurate. He didn’t. Instead he signed on to a lawsuit in Texas to invalidate elections in four other states. Just the idea of a lawsuit in one state to invalidate the elections in other states is absurd! But also dangerous! To think on Jan. 6 domestic terrorists attacked our Capital and God only knows what they would have done if the Vice President, Representatives and Senators hadn’t been moved to a safe place.

In contrast to Congressman Stauber throwing his ethics out the window to protect party politics, I worked for Minnesota Eighth District Congressman Rick Nolan for six years. I covered the PICKM Counties Pine, Isanti, Chisago, Kanabec and Mille Lacs counties out of his office in Center City. I also spent many hours driving him around the huge Eighth Congressional District. I saw the dignity and honor he brought to the office. A few times the Congressman’s Minnesota staff went to Washington D.C. for staff meetings and workshops. I’ve walked the hallowed halls of the Capital, Congressman Nolan loved the Capital and many times would give his constituents a personnel tour of the Capital, he gave the Minnesota staff this tour and we stood on the Senate Floor and you could just feel the history of our country there from the Civil War, World War I, the Depression, World War II and every major event in our nation’s history.

I found myself again questioning Congressman Stauber’s integrity last week when he could have voted to remove Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Greene from her Committees. Especially the Education Committee after toxic statements she made that the Parkland and Sandyhook School shootings were staged. Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was murdered at Parkland said, “It’s gonna be three years since my daughter was killed. The idea that we have to re-litigate whether or not she was killed; the idea that I have to prove my daughter is in a cemetery; the idea that other Sandy Hook families, Las Vegas families, you know, 9/11 families have to prove this, it is infuriating.”

Where is Congressman Stauber’s moral compass?

In a moment when we need true leadership, Congressman Stauber has chosen party politics.

Rick Olseen


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