10 years ago:

Anderson Drug closes its doors after 77 years. For over 77 years, Anderson Drug pharmacists and staff have greeted their customers by name, with a warm, friendly smile. On Thursday, Feb. 11, Cambridge said good-bye to its long-time pharmacy, as the Anderson Drug staff filled its last prescription that evening. The pharmacy was bought by Walgreens, and prescriptions were transferred to Walgreens unless customers choose to go elsewhere.


The trend: development stops, students drop; future looks grim for North Branch Area Public Schools unless growth returns. In the year we all feared the end of the world, 2000, when the new millennium turned over, housing growth in North Branch was booming. There were 200 building permits pulled that year and the school enrollment was increasing. Boom. Came the end of the housing bust, somewhere around 2006, and that hit the school enrollment hard.

25 years ago:

Rush City School Board tackles new graduation standards. New graduation standards mandated by the state drew lengthy discussion at Rush City School Board’s Feb. 9 meeting. In the complicated standards, as explained by superintendent Tim Eklund, Minnesota’s public schools will move toward a results-oriented accountability model of education. It’s a from-the-top-down type of system where students will be required to meet some basic requirements and will not graduate until they have demonstrated competency in a number of areas. They will be assessed or tested in those areas to determine competency. All requirements should be met by those students by the time they finish eighth grade.


North Branch Middle School Math League team scores success-first in conference. The North Branch Middle School Math League team earned first-place in the East Central conference with a cumulative score of 750. The final test of the year was held at North Branch Feb. 6. Math League participants take a total of six tests during the year. The North Branch team has won all tests (12) for the last two years.

50 years ago:

Mora Creamery closes doors. Lakeland Dairies of Mora failed to open for business Saturday, February 14, because of the cooperative’s financial conditions. The feed department and milk pickup and delivery are being handled by Land O’ Lakes. At a meeting of patrons from this area held Tuesday evening at the Imperial Restaurant in Cambridge, the decision to liquidate the cooperative was announced. Payments due farmers for milk total $365,000. Total liabilities are $1,047,000. Farmers have not received payment for one month’s milk production.


Snowmobiles stolen in afternoon here. Two new Moto - Ski snowmobiles were stolen Monday afternoon between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. from the front yard of the Carroll (Butch) Olson, Jr. home on highway 61 north of North Branch. The two snowmobiles were loaded on a trailer, and apparently the thieves headed north with their loot, as they were seen driving through Harris. Butch said that the machines were covered by the Olson Fuel and Implement Company insurance, but that he apparently is without a trailer.

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