Cheryl Smetana McHugh, executive director at Therapeutic Services Agency Inc., is pleased to announce their Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program is available to provide services to deaf children and their families living in the East Central (Chisago and Pine counties) regions of Minnesota.

Through grant support from Minnesota Department of Human Services - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division (DHS-DHHSD), TSA has been providing culturally affirmative services to deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing children and adolescents across Northern Minnesota for the past four years.

Mental Health Practitioner, Nichole Melby, MA, is one of TSA’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program staff who provide culturally affirmative services to families in East Central Minnesota.

Melby brings enthusiasm, professional knowledge, cultural understanding, and ASL to facilitate meaningful therapy and support to deaf/hard of hearing children, adolescents and their families.

Therapy sessions using videoconference are available now. In-person sessions that follow CDC and state guidelines to protect from the spread of covid-19 are also available.

For further information contact Jacqlyn Davoll at 218-343-6196 or

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