North Branch Area Public Schools has taken a major leap forward to expand career pathway options for high school students this year! Working alongside our community college and industry partners, we have transformed the student experience to align with workforce needs.

These changes are the direct result of our community’s investment in the school district bond referendum, and generous partners that continue to donate industry equipment to create the conditions for student success.

New equipment at the high school includes:

• Three South Bend lathes - used in metal fabrication primarily to turn metal

• An end mill - for cutting grooves, shafts, keyways, and fabricating gears

• Multiple TIG, MIG, and acetylene welding stations - for welding in a wide variety of applications

• Two Portaband metal cut-off saws - an auto-feed programmable saw that will cut to tolerance

• A CNC machine - for using water jets to cut metal into pre-programmed, customizable shapes

• New plasma cutters, torch stations, updated hand tools, drills, and grinders, and essential new safety equipment including helmets, gloves, and jackets.

Students are learning real-life skills on commercial grade equipment and also have the opportunity to earn college credits as they explore career options in the trades. Our innovative program equips students with the necessary skills to enter the workforce upon graduation, or continue progressing with their post secondary education.

We continue to be better together. Partnership is all about creating win-win opportunities, and the ultimate benefit is seeing the impact of the multiplier effect impacting the lives of students.

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