Dear Editor:

We wish to thank Cambridge Memorial Hospital Fund and Initiative Foundation for the grant we received from them in the amount of $3,000. It is a great help to our organization. With this we will be able to purchase more food, which will help our community, and those who are struggling because of COVID-19. It’ll also help many others who are trying to make ends meet, and have to chose to not purchase food items that they really need. We serve approximately 250-plus families each month.

We also want to thank the anonymous donors who have donated funds to our organization this past year. We appreciate each and everyone of you.

These donations will help us with a July distribution and also August. August seems to be our busiest month, as parents are using their funds to get their children ready for school.

Since the Isanti County Fair has been canceled, we will be doing a distribution on Tuesday, July 21. We could also use a few more volunteers, to be able to help outside, load cars, because of the heat. The more we have, then volunteers would be able to rotate.

Cambridge Surplus Food Distribution Board Members

Ed, Donna, Jan, Jo, Jodi, Paul

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