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T & T Waterproofing & Drain Tile company in Isanti is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. From left, Tyler Nelson and Travis Nelson, co-owners, want the community to know they’re here for them in case their house or basement has water damage. The two brothers also own and operate Brian’s Insulation, which is housed in the same building.Photo by Sarv Mithaqiyan

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T & T Waterproofing & Drain Tile in Isanti is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Reflecting on the beginning of the health and economic crisis last year, co-owner Tyler Nelson said his company withstood many of the challenges.

That is a cause for celebration, Nelson said.

“I just want to remind everyone that we’re here, and we’re somebody that people can rely on — local, honest, family-owned,” he said. “And to celebrate, just keep moving ahead. We want to try to expand things and make sure everybody knows about us. And we’re just thankful that we weren’t affected by all the craziness going on.”

It is his hope to keep his employees working and serving the community, Nelson said.

“Because there’s a lot of businesses that are going to be closing down and stuff, so we want to be able to stay open and keep everyone busy,” he said.

There has been an uptick in business due to a lot of rain during the rainy seasons, Nelson said. He also believes that since people have had to work from home during the pandemic, they’ve noticed some issues with their house that needed repairing, he said.

For a little history, Nelson’s father, Brian, first purchased the building in Isanti, which houses two companies, T & T Waterproof & Drain Tile and Brian’s Insulation. The latter celebrated its 40th year anniversary last year.

About a year ago, Nelson’s father transferred the companies to him and his brother, Travis, he said. Although both companies are connected under the same roof, they provide different services to the community and businesses that may need their help, Nelson explained.

“We started doing (Brian’s Insulation) first,” he said. “So that includes like blowing attics with fiberglass cellulose, insulating the walls. We also do spray foam, so all these things include on new construction, like when a house is being built, as well as like, in an existing home if you’re needing to update the existing insulation.

“(T & T Waterproofing & Drain Tile) is all about foundation, waterproofing, drain tile around the foundation,” he continued. “Also, insulating the foundation, and those are all on the new construction side of things. Those are all done right after the foundation is installed.”

Nelson said T & T Waterproofing & Drain Tile business has been growing in the last five years because there has been a lot of rain damage inside basements.

“So if you have a wet basement, we’ll go in and remove the concrete around the perimeter,” he said. “(We’ll) put in a drain tile system and a sump basket in order to manage the water. So you no longer have a wet basement.”

Nelson said that his company strives to remain serving the local area, the surrounding counties, as much as possible. There have been times that they’ve been asked for services in the metro area, but not due to advertisements, he said.

“We’re thankful that people around here have used our services and helped keep us around,” Nelson said. “We take a lot of pride in what we do and our main thing is quality over quantity. And we want to make sure that we can take care of people in the community, be fair and do good work.”

For more information, visit www.ttwaterproofing.com or call 763-444-5100.

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