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Sydney Fulcher wins a $100,000 scholarship from the 12th annual Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway after her turtle triumphed in a “Turtle Out of the Circle” match hosted by YouTube channel Dude Perfect on Dec. 7. Photo courtesy of Dude Perfect YouTube

Sydney Fulcher, of Rush City, who became a finalist in the 12th annual Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway, has won $100,000 in a partnering virtual contest on the Dude Perfect YouTube channel on Dec. 7.

“It’s so crazy to think about, oh my goodness,” Fulcher said. “But yeah, I think it has been really good at this final season now with school is a bit stressful, but I mean, I can’t complain. I’m doing really well.”

In the contest that was aired on Dude Perfect’s YouTube channel, Fulcher competed in a three-round “Turtle Out of the Circle” match versus another contestant.

During the match, each player chose a turtle, which was placed in the center of the ring, and the turtle that first comes out of the circle wins the round. Fulcher lost the first round, so she decided to change her turtle. Meanwhile, her opponent stayed with the same one. Fulcher’s turtle then triumphed in rounds two and three, which won her the $100,000 scholarship.

Fulcher said that winning such a big scholarship “is an absolute game-changer” in her academic career. Currently, she’s is studying for a dual degree from the University of Minnesota’s dental therapy program, which is a three-year program that offers a Bachelor of Science in dental hygiene and a Master of Dental Therapy, which she’s working to obtain by 2023.

“I mean, $100,000 does not grow on trees,” Fulcher said. “It doesn’t come around every day. It really is a game-changer. It changes a lot of my concerns for finances for school. So it’s really hard to wrap my mind around just how impactful Dr Pepper scholarship really is.”

“She’s ... got a big award and now she can really ... focus more on going through school and a little less on ... additional debt that anybody would have to take on in a normal circumstance,” said Amanda Gill, a senior account supervisor at Coyne Public Relations.

When Fulcher shared the news of winning $100,000 scholarship to her parents and friends, they all thought it was “insane,” she said.

“It really is ... insane,” Fulcher added. “To think that Dr Pepper is giving away all this money to students, and I was just lucky enough to be a recipient. Yeah, it’s crazy.”

Fulcher was taken aback by the moment she won the contest, she said.

“And I think in that moment, I thought in my head, ‘the turtle won,’” Fulcher said. “And I don’t think it really hit me in that moment, ‘you just won $100,000 for school.’”

“I remember getting off the Zoom call and I talked to my roommates. ... There were tears,” she continued. “I was like really shaky. I was like, wow, ... this is insane.”

Video of the contest can be viewed on Dude Perfect’s YouTube channel at between the minutes of 4:11 and 26:12.

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