We are back in school and great things are happening in North Branch Area Public Schools!

Our facilities look great, staff are building relationships with students, and everyone is working hard to create the conditions to amplify each student’s gifts and talents. As each student transitions into a new school year, it is inspiring to see how they support one another.

Students at all levels at North Branch Area Public Schools greet each other with smiles and genuine excitement to see each other. It makes students feel so at home to know they are coming to a place where others are happy to see them and to know that coming to school each day brings opportunities to create positive experiences with each other.

Each positive encounter is a day brightener! Whether it’s a student that isn’t sure where to go for class, or need help with something on an assignment, there are students willing and eager to take a little time out of their day to help others make the most of their own!

The smallest moments are such a treasure- my day has been brightened by a young student walking into school with a huge smile, excited to share the news of his lost a tooth- and the multiplier effect of seeing his friends and teacher equally excited for him. The little things make a big difference and these moments exemplify how students are moving forward together!

Another opportunity for inspiration is witnessing how students support each other at extracurricular events. It is so heartwarming to see the enthusiasm they bring to each other’s competitions; having that kind of support from your peers is uplifting and inspiring!

To all the students who have gone out of their way, to help another student feel more at home, feel supported, or feel friendship, you inspire me! Sometimes the smallest act can make the biggest difference! By helping just one person have a better day, you lift us all!

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