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Thanks to the generosity of this community, Family Pathways has not slowed down one moment despite the significant challenges we’ve all experienced over the past 20 months. We’ve been able to be there for the neighbors who need us – and there are always neighbors who need us.

We are now in the midst of our By Your Side End of Year campaign, with the goal to raise the funds necessary to maintain essential services for the nearly 20,000 local community members who need assistance. The support of our community supports people like Barb.

Barb had been donating to Family Pathways for years. She and her family collected food for the Food Shelves every holiday season and donated to the emergency domestic abuse shelter whenever they could. Then Barb’s husband fell ill. After fighting his illness for months, he passed away. Barb was left with young children and an aging mother to care for, medical bills to pay, and only a single income to support them all.

“I felt like I was drowning. I was grieving my husband and feeling like I was failing my children. I was overwhelmed caring for my mother whose memory was beginning to fail. I was skipping meals so that everyone else could eat. When I reached out for help from Family Pathways, there was no judgment. They were kind and friendly and made sure that we had enough food to see us through. I was able to pay the bills without wondering if there would be enough left over for food.”

The Food Shelf volunteers also connected Barb with our Caregiver Support program to help her find resources for her mom as well. “I have hope again. I know things will be hard, but with help from Family Pathways, I’m not as scared about the future.”

With your support, you make it possible for someone like Barb to find hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. She and many others have found the courage to seek help. Today, we ask you to stand by their side while they find a way to again stand on their own. There are many ways to support your neighbors seeking help at Family Pathways. Whether it is from volunteering, hosting a food drive, donating $5 or $500 – your contribution makes a difference. Learn more and donate today at Thank you for your continued support. You make all the difference.

About Family Pathways

Family Pathways is a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to standing by the side of our neighbors since 1978. Family Pathways’ support services provides healthy food access, domestic and sexual violence prevention and victim services, supervised visitation, and services for older adults and caregivers.

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