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Rush City Schools new staff pictured are Dana Scott, Laura Stavig, Ali Hanson, Rush City Superintendent William Campbell, Bernadette Campbell, Rush City School Board member Scott Tryon, Cherilynn Oelke, Rush City School Board Chair Stefanie Folkema, Debra Bradford, Rush City School Board members Matthew Meissner, Teri Umbreit and Jennifer Widell. Not pictured are Shannon Wood, Kari Delaney, Tami Bennett, Stephanie Kurvers, Trisha Bengston, Hannah Lindstrom, Vanda Nelson and Matt Morgan. Photo by Noelle Olson

Rush City Superintendent William Campbell introduced new staff from both CE Jacobson Elementary and Rush City High School during the Rush City School Board meeting Sept. 19.

“It’s an honor to have new staff come on as well as our staff who have been with us for a while,” Campbell said.

Some of the staff were at the meeting and others had other commitments, according to Campbell. Each staff member had statements regarding their new positions in the Rush City School District.

Ali Hanson

“I’m teaching elementary Physical Education and adapted Phy Ed at the elementary school,” Hanson said. “I’m excited to connect with every student this year. I like to have fun and be goofy. So come visit me in the gym.”

Hanson said she feels supported and encouraged by all the fellow staff and knows that if she falls, she will have people to catch her.

Shannon Wood

Wood is the new music teacher at CE Jacobson Elementary school and Wood is excited to introduce students to things they haven’t experienced or thought of before.

“I love teaching music because it touches on math, science, literature, and history, as well as physical, social, and emotional development,” Wood stated.

Debra Bradford

Bradford is a SPED LED teacher at CE Jacobson Elementary school and said she is thankful for the warm welcome from co-workers, administration, students and families.

“I want to thank the board for the opportunity to teach here,” Bradford said. “This is the district I received my elementary and high school education from during the latter part of the 20th century.”

Bradford gave her three positives which are:

1. Specialized education gives her time to make meaningful connections with her students.

2. Supporting classroom teachers to meet student academic, social and emotional needs.

3. Welcoming new co-workers are now friends and familiar “older” faces help her.

Kari Delaney

Campbell said Delaney is an Early Childhood Special Education paraprofessional who cares for the students physical, emotional health and safety, and affirming their abilities.

“I am so happy to be working with children in a school environment again. It’s so rewarding to work alongside children with special needs. I am here to assist them but I also learn so much from each child,” Delaney stated.

Laura Stavig

Stavig is a paraprofessional working at CE Jacobson Elementary who said she takes pride in giving back to the community that has helped her children grow and excel.

“I am working with Mrs. Schmidt with the kindergarteners. I enjoy learning a lot from her along with the other special education teachers,” Stavig said. “Every day is a new adventure with them.”

Tami Bennett

Bennett is an instructional coach at CE Jacobson Elementary and she stated she appreciates the friendly staff at Rush City Public Schools and the willingness of the staff to accept her presence in their classrooms and looks forward to collaborating and learning with everyone.

Stephanie Kurvers

Kurvers is a paraprofessional working at CE Jacobson Elementary in special education.

She stated she loves her job, which has opened a whole new world for her.

“I love the kids that I work with,” she stated. “While working with these kiddos I have learned so much. For working in pre-school is much different than working in higher grade levels, but with what I do, I get to work with all different levels of kids and I love it!”

Trisha Bengston

Bengston is a pre-school paraprofessional at CE Jacobson and has been working in the district for a year as a substitute paraprofessional. She is the eighth grad volleyball coach and stated she cannot see herself doing anything else.

Cherilynn Oelke

Oelke is a paraprofessional at CE Jacobson Elementary and was a long-term paraprofessional substitute last year. She stated working in a smaller school is great and she loves the impact the staff can make on the students.

“I enjoy working with kids and mostly those who need extra help,” Oelke said.

Dana Scott

Scott teaches 7th and 10th grade English at Rush City High School.

“I’m really excited. During the last couple of weeks we’ve had really good conversations about how the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening extend into the real world,” Scott said.

Hanna Lindstrom

Lindstrom is the new Business teacher at Rush City High School and she said she is excited to teach students tangible skills they will be using outside of school for their personal development. Including, job applications, interviews, income tax preparation and budgeting.

“I’m eager to introduce kids to potential future career paths including accounting, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and technical careers through Work Link,” she stated.

Bernadette Campbell

Campbell is teaching Family and Consumer Sciences at Rush City High School. She said she is excited to introduce new skills to students and loves the opportunity these new classes afford for general and special education students to work together.

“It’s wonderful to hear support and appreciation of our new classes by members of the community,” she said.

Vanda Nelson

Nelson is the Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services (ADSIS) Behavior Coordinator.

She said she is enthusiastic and eager to be back at Rush City High School to apply her special education background while assisting students develop new academic behavior skills. She stated many of the students that she has the opportunity to come alongside, are in need of support that can be applied within general education and can later be utilized in their post-secondary life.

Matthew Morgan

Morgan is a special education paraprofessional as well as a coach for junior high football and varsity wrestling coach for Rush City High School. He stated he loves being able to shape and have a positive impact on the lives of all the students at Rush City High School.

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