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“Fetch a Good Book” was the theme of this year’s I Love to Read month at Jacobson Elementary School in Rush City.

In February, staff and students had reading goals set that also included lots of fun activities to promote reading. A kick off video was put together to show in classrooms, and students could turn in reading minutes in one of two ways.

This year, students in Pre-K - Grade 6 read close to 114,000 minutes and the staff read over 43,000 minutes. Outside each classroom was a dog dish that filled up with dog food over the four weeks to show how many minutes each class read. The main hallway display included a dog house and classroom posters with green “yards” on them. Every student that turned in reading minutes weekly received a paper dog bone to “throw’ into a different classroom yard.

On Mondays, the class with the fewest bones won a special visit from Finn, the school service dog! Pictures of classroom teachers reading with a dog were used to identify each yard. Staff were also encouraged to turn in a photo reading with a real dog or even a stuffed animal, and the hallway was decorated with these photos for students to enjoy. “Spot”ted Reading Tickets were handed out to students who chose to read in the classroom or waiting for the bus after school.

Names were drawn for prizes on Fridays, and these included fun books for each grade level. Dress up Days this year included Pajama Day, dress Like a Valentine, dress like a staff member/student and dog-themed clothes or bring a stuffed animal to school on Fridays.

Every Tuesday was “Read my Shirt” day. Ten minute reading drills took place twice a week, where staff and students stopped what they were doing and read silently for 10 minutes. Countless volunteers helped to make the 2021 “Fetch a Good Book” I Love to Read month possible at Jacobson Elementary School.

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