Last Wednesday school district leadership met for its annual administrative retreat to plan for the upcoming school year and launch new initiatives. It was an inspiring gathering of individuals dedicated to, and passionate about, educating kids and preparing them for life as an adult.

As part of our retreat we had the good fortune of being allowed “behind the curtain” to see the incredible progress being made on our various construction projects. My thanks go out to Director of Buildings and Grounds Art Tobin, everyone at Kraus Anderson and subcontrators, the design staff at ATS&R, and the North Branch Area Public Schools staff that support these projects.

The changes we saw are staggering! The middle school, with the exception of some minor ceiling work next summer, is almost complete. The interior of the building looks incredible. The high school won’t be complete until next summer, but the projects nearing completion have been transformative. The new gym space, learning stair, new Viking store (The Skol Zone), secure entrance, and general improvements to classrooms and common areas will dramatically improve the environment for students and staff!

Improvements to the North Branch Area Education Center make the building much more friendly to the young students and families it serves.

The improvements you don’t see will have a huge impact on the air quality and efficiency of each of our buildings as well, making them less expensive to heat and light.

Challenges remain as construction will continue at the Ed Center through the school year and we ask for your continued patience as we navigate temporary issues that come with construction. At the end of this process the community will have facilities that are up to date, efficient, state-of-the-art in many respects and prepared to continue educating the community’s students at a high level for decades to come!

I hope you are able to come visit with us at the Grand Opening Celebration on Friday, Sept. 6, from 4-6 p.m. The high school, middle school, and Sunrise will be open to you so that you can see what your support has produced to the benefit of generations of students.

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