Dear Editor:

I have two things on my mind. First, I think it stinks that Gov. Tim Walz decided to keep the campgrounds closed. We are forced by this stupid state to make reservations one year in advance. That is terrible.

The camp sites are so private and if you want to talk to someone outside of your group, go look for them. Most campers that want electric sites, have self contained units and don’t need to have anything else. We bring our own firewood approved by the state, so we don’t even have to go buy wood. May is supposed to be old people’s month; well he sure kicked us in the butt! Our camp trips always start with a state park, but not this year. Twice they have canceled our reservations.

Also, the voters don’t want mail-in ballots. They can’t keep the ballots right now, why do they think that they can keep them straight then. I saw on Facebook a person in California received two ballots 1 1/2 weeks apart. How are they gonna count that? How are they gonna verify that the voter is legal to vote here in the USA?

We don’t need illegal’s deciding anything about our country. We need to stop this now.

Kathy Leick


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