Rum River Watershed

Over the last few years, in Minnesota, water management has been shifting from planning at the county level to planning on a watershed scale. Water doesn’t stop at county lines, so using watershed boundaries allows for a more comprehensive and cohesive plan. The benefit of this management shift is bringing government units within a watershed together to plan, enhance communication, and reduce redundancy.

The Rum River Watershed has finished drafting its management plan. Now, the policy committee that formed it is seeking comments from the public. On Jan. 10, at 6:30 p.m., people will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on the Rum River Comprehensive Water Management Plan. Visit for the Zoom link and more details.

Anyone is welcome to attend and submit comments. All comments will be documented and considered when making final revisions. As an alternative to attending the hearing, you can submit public comments to the online survey found at

Earlier in the drafting process of the Rum River Management Plan, public opinions were taken. The plan is in its final stages now, and they are glad to offer this opportunity for more community input. They look forward to seeing you at the public hearing and listening to your thoughts on the plan. You can view the draft watershed plan at If you have questions, call the Isanti Soil and Water Conservation District at 763-689-3271.

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