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Isanti County Reports

Sept. 4

Two vehicles were driving east on First Avenue East near Adams Street South when the first vehicle stopped and the second vehicle rear-ended the first vehicle, Adams Street South and First Avenue East, Cambridge.

Moderate damage reported during two-vehicle accident at Opportunity Boulevard North and Second Avenue Northeast, Cambridge.

Shoplifting reported, Fleet Farm, 2324 Third Ave. NE, Cambridge.

Sept. 5

Theft reported, Marget Lake Road, Isanti.

Theft from vehicle reported, County Road 5, North Branch.

Damage to vehicle reported, Variolite Street, Dalbo.

Theft reported, Dimaggio Street, North Branch.

Sept. 6

Theft of motor vehicle, 270 block of Kennedy Street South, Cambridge.

Theft of items reported from motor vehicle, 1380 block of Willow Wood Drive Southeast, Cambridge.

No injuries reported during crash between two vehicles at Cambridge Primary School, 310 Elm St. N., Cambridge.

Fraud reported, 320th Lane, Cambridge.

Complainant reported fraudulent activity on his credit card, with withdrawals made in London, England, 311th Avenue, Cambridge.

Sept. 7

Vehicle struck two pedestrians, with one taken to Cambridge Medical Center, Main Street South and Second Avenue Southwest, Cambridge.

No injuries reported when a driver, who stated she had a medical condition that affected her driving, struck a parked car and then jumped the curb and eventually struck another car, Menards, 2300 Second Ave. SE, Cambridge.

Theft of merchandise reported, suspect fled, Fleet Farm, 2324 Third Ave. NE, Cambridge.

Theft of vehicle reported, Walker Methodist, 2011 Sixth Lane SE, Cambridge.

Illegal fire reported, Raven Street, St. Francis.

Sept. 8

Theft of items reported from motor vehicle, 930 block of Cypress Street South, Cambridge.

Theft of items reported from motor vehicle, Preserve of Cambridge, 1000 Opportunity Blvd. S., Cambridge.

Theft of washer-dryer combo reported, valued at $1,000, Francis Lake Drive, Isanti.

Sept. 9

Juvenile shoplifter reported, Fleet Farm, 2324 Third Ave. NE, Cambridge.

Sept. 10

Theft reported from Century Link, 519 Emerson St. N., Cambridge.

Vehicle fire reported, Long Lake Drive, Isanti.

Theft of skid steer tracks, Yak Street, Princeton.

Sept. 11

Theft of merchandise reported from Walmart, 2101 Second Ave. SE, Cambridge. Two male suspects fled from store.

Complainant reported receiving a stolen check, Ulysses Street, Bethel.

Sept. 12

Theft of items from garage, 100 block of Birch Street North, Cambridge.

Complainant reported she returned to her vehicle after shopping and found damage on the driver’s side of the bumper, no suspects, Fantastic Sams, 201 Balsam St. N., Cambridge.

Theft of trailer reported, Quagga Street, Princeton.

Sept. 13

Complainant reported during the overnight hours of Sept. 10-13, three catalytic converters have been cut from vehicles. No suspects, Steve’s Auto Sales, 716 Main St. S., Cambridge.

Shoplifting reported from Walmart, 2101 Second Ave. SE, Cambridge.

Complainant reported numerous fraudulent transactions through Amazon using personal checking account, Jivaro Street, Isanti.

Driver of vehicle 1 reported traveling southbound on Palm Street Northwest approaching 313th Avenue Northwest when she observed a vehicle pulling out into the intersection. Driver 1 reported not being able to avoid a collision. Driver of vehicle 2 reported stopping at the stop sign posted at the intersection in order to make a left hand-turn and thought the vehicle traveling southbound was in the turn lane. Allina and Isanti Fire/Rescue treated for minor injuries on-scene, Cambridge.

Sept. 14

Minor damage reported when one vehicle was attempting to pull into a parking spot when another vehicle backed out of a parking spot, Goodwill, 1400 First Ave. E., Cambridge.

Shoplifting reported and suspect issued a citation, Walmart, 2101 Second Ave. SE, Cambridge.

Stolen vehicle reported, Fleet Farm, 2324 Third Ave. NE, Cambridge.

Damage to trailer reported, 389th Avenue, Stanchfield.

Sept. 16

Driver stated her foot slipped off the brake and she went into the ditch. No apparent drug or alcohol use and driver not injured, Main Street South and Central Avenue Southwest, Cambridge.

Damage to property reported, Cortec, 410 First Ave. E., Cambridge.

Fraud reported, Flamingo Street, Isanti.

Someone drove off the road and struck the guide wires for Connexus power pole. No information for suspect vehicle, 261st Avenue, Isanti.

Fraud reported, County Road 6, Stanchfield.

Sept. 17

Theft reported from vehicle, 1340 block of Cypress Place South, Cambridge.

Theft of laptop reported stolen from vehicle while parked at Maytag Laundromat, 737 Main St. S., Cambridge.

Chisago County Reports

Aug. 26:

A theft was reported on the 700 block of River Street in Taylors Falls for a large amount of fishing tackle theft and a lily pad. The lily pad was in the back yard and the tackle was in the pontoon which was parked in front of the resident’s house. There were over 50 Rapula lures and three tackle boxes taken. The complainant said the theft of the lily pad and the tackle were within a week a part and just wanted law enforcement to be aware.

Aug. 27:

A report of a crash-hit and run was reported at Government Street and First Street in Taylors Falls. A deputy responded to the incident in the lot behind Casey’s. A witness to the crash left a note on the victim’s vehicle. The witness provided a possible license plate number and described the vehicle as a gray or blue jeep with a young female driver. Damage was on the driver’s side of the victim’s vehicle.

Aug. 28:

A theft was reported at Frandsen Park. The complainant said his wallet and cell phone were stolen out of his vehicle while he was at the park. There was no suspect or a description of the suspect at the time of the incident.

Sept. 3:

A theft was reported at the Holiday gas station in Rush City. The suspect stole items from Holiday and fled from the deputy on foot. The suspect was found and arrested.

Sept. 7:

A theft was reported at 38600 block of Oriole Avenue in North Branch during Hay Days. $9,500 was reported stolen after a fanny pack containing the money was left in a porta potty. The information regarding this was gathered by a deputy. The next day, deputies were approached by a female who said she had found the money but was not able to locate law enforcement. All of the money was returned in two envelopes. A deputy contacted the complainant and notified him of the findings.

Sept. 10:

A burglary was reported at the Mini Storage-Stacy Self Storage in Stacy. The storage facility manager called in to report damage to storage units. He believed dome property was stolen from possibly multiple units but had not contacted the unit renters at the time. He was able to pull video and gain a suspect vehicle. A deputy told him to contact the renters and request they respond and evaluate their property.

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