Press release provided by the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office

On March 28, at approximately 6:20 p.m., a Chisago County Sheriff’s Office deputy served an order for protection on Thomas Goodwin, 36, at his residence in the city of North Branch.

At approximately 6:56 p.m., the Chisago County Emergency Communications Center received a call from the petitioner of the order for protection, stating that Goodwin had contacted her advising that he was going to come see her at an address in Lent Township and expressed concerned for her safety and other individuals that were in the home.

At 7:01 p.m. the Emergency Communications Center received a 911 call from the homeowner in Lent Township who advised that Goodwin had arrived at the residence and used his vehicle to ram another vehicle in the driveway, likely totaling it due to the force of the crash.

Goodwin was said to then have exited his vehicle, armed with an AR-style rifle equipped with a suppressor and was wearing a ballistic vest. Goodwin “immediately got out and shot at the vehicle, causing further damage,” and two bullet holes were observed by law enforcement at the scene. Witnesses said Goodwin continued to fire rounds at random as he approached the house, but no further casings were located. The petitioner of the order for protection was not at the house at the time of this incident, but the homeowners and their children were.

Deputies arrived and witnessed Goodwin walking down the driveway where he was taken into custody without further incident. Goodwin was booked into the Chisago County Jail on multiple criminal offenses. Goodwin has been charged with threats of violence, criminal damage to property in the first degree, possession of a suppressor – not lawfully possessed, domestic abuse – violate order for protection, and dangerous weapons – drive-by shooting.

The Chisago County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the North Branch Police Department, Wyoming Police Department, Lakes Area Police Department and the Minnesota State Patrol. Activated Chisago County Sheriff’s Office resources included SWAT, drone, investigations, and the crisis negotiations team.

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