North Branch residents gathered during Earth Day, April 22, to celebrate the creation of the Monarch Butterfly sculpture outside of the North Branch Library.

A grant was received for the Monarch Butterfly sculpture and to convert the existing turf at the library to native pollinator plantings. The turf to pollinator conversion will take place this spring.

The purpose of the statue is to remind people of the importance of protecting monarch butterflies, because they contribute to the health of area plants, pollinate many wildflowers and feed on milkweed.

North Branch Mayor Jim Swenson signed the Mayor Monarch Pledge through the National Wildlife Foundation, demonstrating the city’s commitment to preserve monarch and other pollinators through various actions steps.

During the event, children drew chalk drawings on the library walkway with drawings of pollinators, pollinator plants and other earth-saving ideas.

Organizations that were involved in the event included the Monarch Strategy Group, North Branch Arts Group, North Branch Public Works, North Branch Area Library and others.

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