The Minnesota Alliance for Retired Americans and the Chisago-Isanti DFL are hosting a public forum on Monday, Sept. 9, from 6:30-7:15 p.m. at the North Branch Area Public Library, Community Room, 6355 379th St., North Branch, detailing the ongoing threat posed to the Veterans Administration (VA) by private interest groups nationally who would reduce VA funding and facilities in order to privatize this unique health care system that is preferred by most veterans.

The discussion will focus on who is promoting the privatization of the VA under the 2018 MISSION Act and why.

• How veterans are diverted from the high-quality VA integrated healthcare system to the Veterans Community Care Program whose staff have less training/experience in treating PTSD, military sexual trauma, traumatic brain injury, suicide prevention, etc.

• How the Veterans Community Care Program was purposely unfunded under the MISSION Act and is funded by draining the limited VA budget that could fund 44,000 open VA staff positions nationally.

• Why it’s essential to stop this anti-VA campaign and save this unique, high-quality VA healthcare system that could be a model for better, more integrated healthcare for all Americans.

• And how you, as an informed, active citizen can help Save Our VA.

Jeff Roy, A Viet-Nam combat veteran and co-chair of the Save Our VA Committee will speak on this topic. The Save Our VA Committee is part of a larger national Save Our VA effort and locally is a coalition of members from several Veteran Service Organizations that are working to raise public awareness.

All those who honor and support our veterans are invited to attend and learn how Minnesota citizens can be informed on this important issue and how to most effectively communicate your concerns to your Congressional representatives. For further information contact Jeff Roy, email:; Michael Madden, Chisago Isanti DFL, Minnesota Alliance for Retired American, Email:

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