We continue to think big and our new strategic plan is going to take us to new heights!

One important aspect of our strategic plan is our core values. During our strategic planning process, one community participant shared, “every organization has core values, whether they are written or not. NBAPS will greatly benefit from articulating its core values in writing.” I couldn’t agree more. People want (and need) to see how their efforts are contributing to something larger than themselves.

At the end of July in a column entitled “Forward Together,” I articulated the core values of North Branch Area Public Schools (NBAPS); Positive Relating, Mission Focusing, Mobilizing Others, Results Focusing, and Multiplying Impact. We are committed to living these values in all aspects of our everyday work.

I am excited to share one of the many ways you can experience us living out our core values at NBAPS. Starting this month, I will host the first Forward Together virtual lunch session on Wednesday, August 25.

Virtual engagement provided a new approach to relationship building last year. Virtual sessions provided a highly valuable means for us to connect, and many wonderful and positive relationships resulted from these opportunities. We heard from many who attended virtual sessions that it was a convenient answer to two-way communication that fit their busy schedules.

Last year’s virtual sessions provided me with the opportunity to hear from a variety of perspectives. I was so fortunate to build relationships with not only parents, but students, staff, and community members as well. The time and viewpoints shared by all were invaluable in helping me better understand the communities I serve.

This year’s first Forward Together virtual engagement session will be Wednesday, Aug. 25, from noon to 1 p.m. There will not be a set agenda for these sessions; rather, this is a time for you to ask questions or share ideas about education at NBAPS. I am looking forward to hearing about your hopes, and ideas that can make us better together!

If you would like to attend my first Forward Together virtual session, you can do so at this link: meet.google.com/moz-ntov-xve.

I will continue to host a virtual engagement opportunity each month during the school year, and information can be found on our website.

I am always available if you have a question or comment, and can be reached directly at 651-674-1012 or spaul@isd138.org.

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