Press release provided by Chisago County Public Health

As of June 1, the executive order from Governor Walz allowed for the opening and operation of several types of businesses previously closed as a precautionary move.

With the current rise in cases across the country and Minnesota, we must stay vigilant to slow the spread of COVID-19. The more we do as a community, the better chances are local businesses have to remain open. Now as of June 25, Minnesotans must wear a face covering in indoor businesses and indoor public settings, as described in Executive Order 20-81 and the related industry guidance, available at the Stay Safe Minnesota website (, as well as any other guidance referenced in this order. Workers must also wear face coverings outdoors when it is not possible to maintain social distancing. When leaving home, Minnesotans are strongly encouraged to have a face covering with them at all times to be prepared to comply with the requirements of this Executive Order.

Beyond being a good neighbor and keeping each other safe, there are other ways that we as a community can support our local businesses:

• Buy gift certificates.

• Reschedule — don’t cancel — events you planned to hold at the small business.

• Give your favorite local businesses shout-outs on your social media channels.

• Consider a small business before hitting ‘buy’ on Amazon Prime.

• Volunteer your services.

If you know somebody who owns a small business, check in on them and make sure they are okay. It is a stressful time for everybody, but add the potential economic impacts and it could be truly awful for some people in our communities, so any support they might get psychologically and practically could be important at this moment.

For the latest information about COVID-19 in Chisago County, visit @ChisagoCountyPublicHealth on Facebook or the Chisago County COVID-19 Information page,

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