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Dear Editor:

It really does takes a village to raise a child! The truth of this familiar expression has never held more significance than it does right now for the children in the Cambridge-Isanti School District.

You have a superb opportunity to do your part in helping to “raise the village children” by supporting the school system that touches the lives of every student and family in the district.

The upcoming referendum will give a HUGE return for minimal dollars. Just think ... for approximately $25 a month, the district will receive $800 in new revenue per student next year and even more in the years to come. Your sacrifice is small - less than a dollar a day (or one take-out pizza a month!), but the personal, monetary and home value return on this individual investment is immeasurable.

In spite of being ranked the lowest in funding of all neighboring school districts, you can be extremely proud of the dedicated staff you are fortunate to have throughout the district.

I can personally assure you that your children are in very good hands. I have been a weekly volunteer in the schools for more than 10 years, following my grandchildren from teacher to teacher, grade to grade, school to school. I have worked for teachers who are highly competent, caring and committed to each student’s success - and that was even before the additional stress and burdens that COVID has caused! The educators I have witnessed are as professional and hard-working as any I had known throughout my own 35-year teaching career.

Now is the time to show your appreciation and support to those who have done so much - with so little - for so long. The district is at a critical crossroads. Your YES vote will inspire students to know that the entire village is paving a stronger road for them on their journey to achieving their educational dreams.

Page Stevens

White Bear Lake

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