Heavenly Sunshine Preschool students in Isanti submit their annual ‘How to Cook a Turkey’ recipes.

Lila, age 3

Cook it. Put it in the pan. Then something else. We put it in the microwave. Then you put it in the fridge. Waffes! Then the turkeys done.

Eleanor, age 4

I don’t know how to…hmmm...I think you cut a real turkey. And then put it in the oven. Cook it for 15 minutes. And them umm…we put it on a plate. And then grab a fork and spoon to EAT IT!

Madelyn, age 4

I cook the turkey with a pan and I do it with a spoon and also with cat food. Then our cat eats her food. I cook the turkey with sugar and syrup and white sugar and black sugar. I would cook it an hour. Put the lights on so you can see it. Then my cousin eats it. He eats every single thing.

Courtney, age 4

Put it in the microwave and when it beeps...take it out. And then you give it to Mom and Dad. Dad and Mom put salt and pepper on it. Then they have to eat the turkey.

Miura, age 5

Put it on the pan and in the oven.

Lucy, age 3

Pick a turkey then you cut the turkey and put it in the oven carefully. Cook for 30 minutes long. Put frosting on turkey and eat.

Everett, age 4

You unwrap it, take it in the microwave we put some barbeque sauce on it. And then it’s done!

Sophia, age 3

With the head, you cut the eyes and mouth off with a knife. Then we put it in my pot and cook it. Then we put it on my plate and eat it with my spoon and fork. Then we have my tea.

Athan, age 4.5

Um, you put it in the oven and then when it’s done you take it out and wash it with water. And take out its bones and eat it.

Willow, age 4

Meat, sausage, sugar, meat and now sausage. Now stir. Put it in the oven. Now put it in the microwave. Add butter and sweet sausage. That’ll be yummy!

Bristol, age 5

You cook it with carrots, peas, corn and rice in the oven for 40 minutes.

Lauren, age 4

First pat it, then put it in the microwave, then the oven. Then you have to stir it and MAYBE put a little salt in there. Then put it in the fridge until it’s the right day.

Henry, age 4

Grill it, put sauce on it. Eat it!

Gage, age 5

Season it and cut it up and put it in the oven for 4 hours.

Sydnee, age 3

He needs feathers to fly, fly, fly! His name is Chicken Little.

Delilah, age 4

In a pan. You bake it for 10 minutes. When you bake a turkey you put salt on it. You put it on a plate and eat it with a fork.

Eli, age 5

You need to kill a turkey. Then you pull the guts out. You bring it home to Mom. Mom cooks it on the stove. Then mom puts it on the plates. You eat blueberries with it. I bring leftovers for a picnic.

John, age 3

Because all my teachers cook turkeys because they flop on their belly’s the turkeys do.

Nathaniel, age 4

First you color on it. And then more color and then you kill it. And then you eat it raw. All done!

Waylen, age 3

Grab a turkey, then a fish.

Matthew, age 5

Take a spatula and use the spatula to carry it to the plate. Bring it to the grill and cook for 40 minutes. Put on the plate then bring it to the table.

Madison, age 4.5

You put it in the oven. Then you take it out of the oven and let it cool down. Then you eat it. Then throw the bones out.

Novaless, age 3.5

I don’t know…..Pinterest it!

Tate, age 4

Put it in the oven. And I think you could cut it up. Then eat it with a fork.

Leroy, age 3

Put tires on the turkey’s eye! Get a tiger, then make a big line down. Cut his legs with a scissors.

Hayden, age 5

Pluck it and stuff and cook it up right!!

Owen, age 4

I don’t know….in the stove??

Lillian, age 5

We find the turkey from the farm. They poop out eggs. We put it on top of my mom’s truck. We take the feathers off and peel them apart. Then we cook the turkey up and we eat it. We tell the turkey we are sorry for bringing you home. And cooking you up. But you were very good and yummy. Then we say, “see you next year” and bring it back to the farm.

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