Todd Green

Global multi-instrumentalist Todd Green will perform in concert on May 1 at the Braham Area High School.

Musician Todd Green will visit Braham Area Schools and give an educational presentation to K-12 students April 28 and April 29, and will perform a concert on May 1 at Braham Area High School.

The concert is open to the public, but you must pre-register to attend. Tickets are $5 for adults and free for students. Contact Bryan Johnson at or 320-396-5233 by April 27 to be added to the guest list.

Global multi-instrumentalist Green performs original music on over 30 acoustic string, flute and percussion instruments from all over the world, inspired by many different cultures in the Middle East, Central Asia, Far East and South America.

His custom-built electronic system allows him to layer instruments as he performs, which in effect turns him into a high-tech one-man-band of World Music.

His artistic mission is to “help bring down the barriers that divide us by experiencing other cultures through their music” as he takes his audiences on a musical armchair-tour of the world.

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