Press release provided by Chisago County Public Health

Freezing weather in Minnesota brings us all indoors in confined spaces with poor ventilation, but this year Public Health is encouraging Chisago County residents to get outside this winter, whether it’s your back yard or cross-country skiing the Chisago Lakes Water Trail. These winter months will be challenging and although public health understands that we are all tired of COVID-19- it’s not tired of us. We must continue our efforts in slowing the spread of this virus.

In combination with public health measures such as remaining 6 feet away from others (outside of your immediate household), and covering your nose and mouth- to stay warm and to protect yourself and others from the virus. Freeze the Disease is a campaign centered on being outdoors. For many of us, seeing friends and family outside this fall and summer- which experts can agree on is much safer than gathering indoors- has been crucial for staying connected and staying active during COVID-19. When temperatures start to drop and the freezing weather hits Minnesota, the typical response is to hibernate indoors on the couch and binge our favorite Netflix show. This year, keep going outside! Being outside is good for our physical health and also mental health. There are a number of studies that confirm that being outdoors, even for just 30 minutes a day, has immense health impacts.

If Chisago County residents can stay vigilant with public health precautions, this will help to preserve our local hospital capacity, protect our most vulnerable populations and get our community back open faster.

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