Dear Editor:

It has been an honor to work at East Central Energy these past 10 years. And it has been a pleasure to meet so many good people in Braham. Your community is not your average small town. Yes, there are open store fronts. But there is more heart in Braham than in most cities 50 or even 100 times the size. You don’t just live in Braham, you love Braham. I will miss you. I will never forget how you welcomed this “out-of-towner” and made me feel at home whenever I attended a local event.

I hope and pray this pandemic passes for everyone’s sake, but more so for the sake of small towns across America. It is tough on small businesses. The events that small towns and counties hold each year – events that bring us together – have been canceled. Yes, there is the loss of income for those involved. But the loss of the human connection has paid a far greater toll. But the folks in Braham have and will continue to connect in other ways. And when the day comes for people to once again enjoy each other’s company in close proximity, shaking hands and hugging, I won’t be there to make that connection, but please know I’ll be there in spirit.

I’ll pray for Braham to thrive and its wonderful residents to have joy in their lives! Thank you and goodbye!

Steve Shurts

Former CEO of East Central Energy

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