Welcome back to school! There is nothing better as a principal than seeing all of our kids and their happy faces on the first day of school. So what’s changed this year? To start off, our fourth-graders are at the high school. This change has been great for our students and staff in both buildings.

While it would be wonderful to have our whole PreK-6 program in one building, we feel we have made the best of our current situation. Grades 4, 5 and 6 are able to have their own space in the high school building with room to grow. They also have access to spaces and programs that they would be able to use in the elementary building. Our PreK-3 building has been able to utilize the space by growing our Special Education Department as well as our SMART room. A huge thank you to our teaching staff for leading the kids through this change. A big thank you to our high school students for being so welcoming to our fourth-graders.

As we start off the year, please take the time every night to ask your child what they did today. Focus on the positives. This could be things they enjoyed, something new they learned, etc. Familiarize yourself with PowerSchool and your child’s teacher’s website. Here you will find lots of important information regarding what is being taught in class, homework, and important future events. If you or your child need help with assignments, please reach out to that teacher for assistance. Educating our kids is a team effort! With your help, we can help our students do amazing things!

Every year I spend part of one of these articles encouraging parents, grandparents, or anyone that is able to read with a child. Try to set aside time every day reading to your child or having them read to you. There are very few things you can do during your child’s school age years that will be as important and as impactful as teaching them the joy of reading. Don’t get caught up in the type of book, rather find something they enjoy reading and see where that leads you. Lastly, try to model this for your child.

In our busy lives it can be hard to find the time to stop, relax, and read for ourselves, but, if we are telling our kids how important reading is, we need to take the time to show them that reading is important to us as well. So, grab a book, magazine, or whatever you enjoy reading, and take a few minutes to enjoy sharing this gift with your kids.

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