I am thankful for the efforts and cooperation of our students as we worked to make the most of a very challenging year. They did their best to challenge themselves, engage in their coursework, and participate in activities. It may not have been a typical year, but their efforts helped ensure it was a productive one. Our students have been considerate, resilient, and understanding as we adapted and overcame the challenges we faced. Thank you, students!

I am thankful for the flexibility, understanding, and cooperation of our parents throughout this past year. While we made it a priority to keep things as consistent as possible, I know parents faced significant challenges as learning models changed, services were interrupted, and parents often needed to become much more involved in the learning process.

I am thankful for the collaboration, commitment, ingenuity, and selfless service of our staff. Our team members rolled up their sleeves, solved problems, found safe ways to accomplish their goals, and at many times put their students’ wellbeing before that of their own. Every position in our district faced unique challenges yet our staff persevered and accomplished their duties.

I am thankful for the tremendous support we received from our county, the St. Croix River Education District, area school districts, our regional and state professional organizations, and our community partners and local businesses. At no point in my career have I witnessed this level of collaboration and support across so many different organizations. It’s truly remarkable what we can accomplish when we work as a team.

I am thankful to serve a district that is governed by a school board composed entirely of individuals who truly want what is best for our students and community. By working together and overcoming the challenges we’ve faced this year, as a school and a community, we are stronger than ever. The future of our district looks bright and I’m thankful to live and serve in this wonderful community.

Finally, I am thankful that the class of 2021 has been able to engage in many of the traditional events and activities that were not guaranteed this year. Prom and homecoming were wonderful. Senior awards night and graduation are just around the corner, and restrictions are letting up. As we move through spring, it appears we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we return to a much more typical school year in the fall.

Regardless of what happens, we will continue to overcome any challenges that arise and ensure we are creating global citizens who are lifelong learners. Thank you for everything you have done to support the Rush City community and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

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