I hope everyone was able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving!

As many know, North Branch Area Public Schools (NBAPS) began a period of remote learning on Monday, Nov. 30. The remote learning period is expected to last through Monday, Jan. 18, with a target return to our sites on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

It is important for this period of remote learning that we build and improve upon last spring’s efforts. To that end we sent a Thoughtexchange survey to families and high school students asking how the school district can best support families during this time, and what information families will need to make remote learning a success.

We were very pleased that 124 participants shared their thoughts with us!

The largest group of participants, 34%, represented the Sunrise River School. Roughly a quarter of participants chose “I have students in multiple schools/programs,” while 21% of participants represented the high school.

The feedback we received was grouped and shared with staff as they planned for remote learning. The majority of the articulated ideas and concerns fit into one of four categories - communication, format and instruction, planning and scheduling, and technology considerations.

I am so grateful for those who took the time to be a part of this process! The input that was provided was excellent and we will continue to work to implement that input wherever possible to improve the experience for both students and families.

NBAPS will provide the results to the public as part of the school district’s December newsletter, which is posted to the school district’s homepage (www.isd138.org) in the “What’s New at NBAPS?” section around the 15th of each month.

2020 has certainly put countless challenges in front of us, our families, and our communities thus far. It is wonderful to serve a school district and community that takes such an active interest in ensuring we provide the best experience we can for students, staff, and families.

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