Nikki Hallman

Nikki Hallman with her two giant fluffy dogs that are basically her kids: a Bernese Mountain dog named Louie and a Great Pyrenees named Saul.

Hello, everyone! My name is Nikki Hallman and I am excited to be the new community reporter for the County News Review. I am originally from Coon Rapids, but moved to Big Lake where I graduated high school in 2014.

Two weeks after graduation, I left for boot camp and served two years in United States Navy, living in Japan, Florida and California during that time. I was an aviation boatswain handler. In other words, it was my job to direct aircraft on the flight deck of the USS George Washington, CVN 73. This brought me a list of new experiences, from catching mahi-mahi in the Pacific to walking the cross streets of Tokyo.

I started a personal blog while stationed in Japan, sharing my new experiences and thoughts. This made me realize I have a passion for writing. After my time in the Navy, I enrolled in Minnesota State University, Mankato, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mass media and communications. My goal was to one day become a journalist. During my last year of college, I had the opportunity to freelance for the Mankato Free Press, interviewing those in the community and building their stories. While I was getting an oil change at the local Jiffy Lube, I noticed one of the magazines available to read in the waiting room. Recognizing it, I opened to the index page and there was my name listed as the author of my first published article. Then I knew it was possible to become a journalist.

I received my degree in December 2019 and began looking for a career. Fast forward to 2021, I finally was offered a great reporting position here at the County News Review. Now I get to write full time within this wonderful community. I am thrilled to bring the news to you. Since I was young, I’ve had family living in the area, making this opportunity even better.

In my down time, I enjoy a lot of summer activities, from fairs, concerts and other events. Being by the lake with my family and friends is one of my favorite things to do in the summer.

I am a huge animal lover as I have two giant fluffy dogs that are basically my kids: a Bernese Mountain dog named Louie and a Great Pyrenees named Saul.

My hope is to stay with the County News Review and within the community for a long time. If you have story ideas feel free to call me at 763-691-6017 or email

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