As the polls closed on Tuesday, Nov. 3, and election results were posted for Isanti and Chisago counties, voters soon realized most local incumbents were reelected.

Both Isanti County and Chisago County had their share of absentee ballots to count. Isanti County mailed 9,782 absentee ballots and 9,103 were returned and accepted. Chisago County mailed 15,096 absentee ballots and 13,884 were returned and accepted.

Local presidential votes

Regarding the presidential election in Isanti County, Republican candidate Donald Trump earned 16,491 votes (68.05%), while DFL candidate Joseph Biden earned 7,138 votes (29.45%). In Chisago County, Trump earned 21,909 votes (63.40%), while Biden earned 11,798 votes (34.14%).

As a state, Biden earned 1,718,243 votes (52.4%) while Trump earned 1,485,037 votes (45.29%).

U.S. Representative District 8

In the U.S. Representative District 8 race, Republican incumbent Pete Stauber earned 223,527 votes (56.75%) while DFL candidate Quinn Nystrom earned 147,939 votes (37.56%). Specifically in Isanti County, Stauber earned 15,216 votes (64.56%) while Nystrom earned 6,402 votes (27.20%). In Chisago County, Stauber earned 20,586 votes (61.75%) while Nystrom earned 10,340 votes (31.02%).

Stauber was the first Republican to win reelection in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District since William Pittenger in the 1940s.

“Two years ago, Minnesotans from the 8th District elected me to Congress to advocate on their behalf. Tonight, they are once again sending me to Washington to continue the fight for our way of life, and I am honored and humbled to earn their seal of approval,” Stauber said. “Whether it’s fighting for job creation or protecting health care and keeping prescription drug costs low, I have tried to pursue policies that will help working families in our region, provide endless opportunity and greater prosperity for people from all walks of life, while standing strongly and proudly with our law enforcement to keep our communities and children safe.

“I will continue being a strong, persuasive, and influential voice for the determined and diverse economic drivers in our district, and I remain committed to being our region’s greatest ambassador. My pledge to my constituents remains the same: You will always know where I stand, I have your back at every turn, and I will keep fighting relentlessly for our way of life,” Stauber added.

State Senator District 31

In the State Senator District 31 race, Republican incumbent Michelle Benson earned 35,976 votes (70.57%) while DFL candidate Kate Luthner earned 14,961 voes (29.35%).

State Representative District 31A

In the State Representative District 31A race, Republican incumbent Kurt Daudt earned 17,957 votes (72.84%) while DFL candidate Brad Brown earned 6,664 votes (27.03%). District 31A encompasses Athens, Bradford, Spencer Brook and Stanford townships in Isanti County.

“I’m humbled by the overwhelming support of my friends and neighbors in District 31A to continue serving as your voice at the Capitol,” Daudt said. “Minnesota faces major challenges in the coming session, and I look forward to continuing my record of strong conservative leadership as we work to stop tax hikes, protect Minnesotans’ gun rights, and stand up for the shared conservative values of our community.”

State Senator District 32

In the State Senator District 32 race, Republican incumbent Mark Koran earned 32,488 votes (66.35%) while DFL candidate Joshua Fike earned 16,412 votes (33.52%).

“I am grateful and blessed for the support of the community, in District 32, for giving me the great opportunity to serve another two years as your senator. I also want to thank my family, my team and the hardworking sign installers for believing in me and working so hard the past four years,” Koran said. “I have never taken this position for granted; that’s why you will continue to see me out and about at our community events every year, not just an election year.

“I will continue to represent our district and bring our commonsense approach to government across Chisago and Isanti counties and the state of Minnesota. I look forward to seeing many of you at the Capitol as my door is always open. Again, I humbly thank you for the trust and belief in me to be reelected as your senator,” Koran added.

State Representative District 32A

In the State Representative District 32A race, Republican incumbent Brian Johnson earned 16,318 votes (68.19%) while DFL candidate Renae Berg earned 7,609 votes (31.68%).

“I am honored and humbled that the people of District 32A have again trusted me with their votes. As the Legislature returns to St. Paul to buckle down and do the hard work of governing, I look forward to bringing the needs and priorities of our community to the Capitol,” Johnson said. “Serving our community in the State Legislature is an honor and a privilege, and I want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s election.”

State Representative District 32B

In the State Representative District 32B race, Republican incumbent Anne Neu earned 15,382 votes (62.13%) while DFL candidate Katie Malchow earned 9,350 votes (37.77%).

“Thank you to the residents of Chisago County for trusting me to be your state representative once again. It is such an incredible and humbling honor. I will continue working to make our community a great place to live, work, and raise a family,” Neu said. “We have great challenges ahead, but I am confident we — as Minnesotans and Americans — will come out the other end stronger and more united. I encourage anyone who may need assistance to reach out. I am here to serve you.” Neu can be reached at Rep.Anne.neu@house.mn or by calling 651-296-5377.

Cambridge City Council

The Cambridge City Council will have a new face on the council beginning in January.

Mark Ziebarth won one of the open seats while Lisa Iverson was reelected to the other open seat. Ziebarth was the top vote-getter with 2,372 votes (34.16%) followed by Iverson with 2,039 votes (29.36%). Other candidates included Tom Schibilla with 1,262 votes (18.17%) and Joseph Morin with 1,214 votes (17.48%).

“I would like to thank the citizens of Cambridge for the honor of being elected by them to serve on the Cambridge City Council,” Ziebarth said. “I am humbled by your support and look forward to working with all of our residents, and city staff to move our city forward. Together we are better! There is plenty to work to be done and I am ready to get started! Thank you again for your support.”

Iverson also thanked the citizens for her reelection.

“I would like to thank the people of Cambridge for the pleasure of serving you for another four years,” Iverson said. “I am grateful for this opportunity. I am here to serve the citizens of Cambridge. Please feel free to contact me with your concerns at 763-689-5399.”

North Branch Mayor and City Council

Jim Swenson was reelected as mayor of North Branch earning 3,695 votes (70.91%). The other candidates Brian Voss earned 1,120 votes (21.49%) and Gerard Kunz earned 43 votes (.83%).

“I am honored and humbled by Tuesday’s election results. I promise to serve the citizens of North Branch with integrity, truth, and transparency,” Swenson said. “I look forward to leading our great city into the next phases of growth and prosperity. Thank you, North Branch residents, for your support.”

Incumbent Kelly Neider and Amanda Darwin were the only two who filed for the two open seats on the City Council. Neider earned 3,378 votes (53.05%) and Darwin earned 2,865 votes (44.99%).

Braham Mayor and City Council

Patricia “Tish” Carlson was reelected as mayor of Braham, earning 411 votes (48.35%). Other mayoral candidates were Shawn Sullivan, who earned 381 votes (44.82%), and Timothy Bokovoy, who earned 50 votes (5.88%).

“Thank you to all that voted and for your confidence as the Braham’s mayor. I am proud and honored to serve Braham and its residents for the next two years,” Carlson said. “We have a lot of goals ahead of us, so let’s work together so the city, our businesses and our community can run smoothly, efficiently and effectively. I am here to work for you and our community.”

There were considerably tight races for the two open seats on Braham City Council. Seth Zeltinger and Ryan Davis won the two open seats on the council, with Zeltinger earning 374 votes (26.71%) and Davis earning 278 votes (19.86%).

“I am both humbled and honored to have earned enough votes from the Braham residents to represent them,” Zeltinger said. “I can assure them that I will always act in their best interests, and will be reasonable, rational and fair regarding any decision I am a part of. I will work diligently to represent Braham in a way all residents will be proud of. I will work hard to clean up and improve our town, which all of us deserve. Better days are ahead for the city of Braham.”

The other vote totals for Braham City Council were as follows: Jeremy Kunshier, 276 votes (19.71%); Mollie Davis, 269 votes, (19.21%); Ethan Thomforde, 116 votes (8.29%); and Adam Joseph Gossel, 77 votes (5.50%).

Braham School Board

David Shockman, Kayla Hagfors, Mike Thompson and Catherine Kunshier were elected to the four open seats on the Braham School Board with a total of nine candidates running for the position.

Vote totals are as follows: David Shockman, 1,602 votes (18.15%); Kayla Hagfors, 1,304 votes (14.77%); Mike Thompson, 1,219 votes (13.81%); Catherine Kunshier, 908 votes, (10.29%); Angie Flowers, 884 votes (10.02%); Michael Doble, 837 votes (9.48%); Jeffrey Campbell, 821 votes, (9.30%); Melissa Lotz, 636 votes (7.21%); and Brittany Ward, 561 votes, (6.36%).

Cambridge-Isanti Schools

All three incumbents were reelected to the three open seats on the Cambridge-Isanti School Board. Heidi Sprandel was the top vote-getter with 7,971 votes (27.82%), followed by Gary Hawkins with 7,700 votes (26.88%) and Carri Levitski with 7,121 votes (24.86%). Candidate George Wimmer received 5,622 votes (19.62%).

The operating referendum, which would have provided an additional $4 million in annual revenue to the district through 2023 and increase to $6.1 million in annual revenue beginning in 2024, was defeated by the voters. No votes: 10,699 (62.20%). Yes votes: 6,502 (37.80%).

Rush City School Board

The Rush City School Board held a special election due to the vacancy created by the resignation of a board member in December 2019 and will be for the term of Jan. 4, 2021, through Jan. 1, 2022. Kenneth Lind was appointed to the seat following the resignation of the board member and began his term on Feb. 19, 2020.

Lind was elected to the seat with 1,154 votes (43.70%). Other candidates included William Schmidt, who received 858 votes (32.49%), and Brian Sandel, who received 592 votes (22.42%).

Chisago County Board

Incumbent Rick Greene was reelected to the District 2 seat, earning 3,258 votes (61.25%). The other candidate, Nicholas Brehm, earned 2,037 votes (38.30%).

Marlys Dunne won the District 3 seat earning 3,411 votes (49.98%). The other candidate, Katie Werman Roche, earned 3,386 votes (49.61%).

Isanti Soil and Water Supervisor District 1

Valerie Marty Anderson won the seat earning 9,791 votes (53.91%). The other candidate, Barry Springborn, earned 8,195 votes (45.12%).

Isanti County Township elections

• Town Supervisor Seat A (Athens Township)

Dave Henderson, 407 votes (37.86%); Josh Heppner, 392 votes (36.47%); Debbie Pearson, 198 votes (18.42%); and William Stanley, 68 votes (6.33%).

• Town Supervisor Seat D (Athens Township)

Dave Beckstrom, 626 votes (59.85%); and Steve Strandlund Sr., 411 votes (39.29%).

• Town Supervisor Seat A (Springvale Township)

William Friedland, 489 votes (58.42%); and Brandon Grell, 345 votes (41.22%).

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