My name is David Redfield and I am running for the Cambridge City Council.

After leaving a full-time position supporting the Minnesota Army National Guard, along with hanging up the uniform and duties of a soldier within its ranks, our family chose Cambridge as a good location to call home.

My wife, two young boys, and I have had the privilege and opportunity of living in our lovely community for a little over a year now, and I hope to continue that ingrained mindset of serving my community to the best of my ability.

As a current sitting member of the city’s Planning Commission I have enjoyed the opportunity to serve in that capacity, and hope to continue that service further by running for City Council. I look forward as this process moves forward to interact with anyone who has any questions as to my ideals and beliefs for our wonderful city.

For anyone who has questions about my thoughts or opinions on any specific topics, please contact me at Thank you for this opportunity to reach out and I hope to hear your questions, comments, or concerns soon.

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