Kwik Trip is moving forward with plans to open one of its two gas stations/convenience stores in Cambridge at the intersection of Main Street South and Highway 65.

During the Cambridge City Council meeting April 19, Assistant City Administrator Evan Vogel explained Kwik Trip is in the process of purchasing the vacant gas station property at 4000 Main St. S., (commonly known as Westrom’s Corner) along with the two parcels to the north. The request is to combine all three parcels into one lot and block.

A second Kwik Trip being planned for Cambridge will be located on the vacant land by Arby’s, at the intersection of Highway 95 and Flanders Street, on the east side of Cambridge.

Vogel said a public hearing on the preliminary and final plats was held at the Planning Commission meeting on April 6 and was unanimously approved. Following discussion, both plats were also approved by the City Council. The plan is for Kwik Trip to begin with demolition as soon as it takes possession of the property. Construction is proposed to begin in the early spring of 2022 with a summer 2022 opening.

The proposed lot will have 7.01 acres. The properties are all zoned B-2 Highway Business district and the use as proposed is permitted. The parcels are being combined for the purposes of an entirely new 9,200-square-foot convenience store, new gas canopy, new diesel canopy and new on-site septic system. The plan also provides semi-truck parking stalls.

Vogel said two access points into the site are allowed according to previous plats. Some slight modifications have been proposed to the location of these

access points to allow better movement with semi-truck traffic. The access points have been reviewed and approved by the city engineer, and the driveway widths will meet city requirements.

Vogel said since this plat is combining three existing parcels into one lot, the old drainage and utility easements along the lot lines will need to be vacated. The easement vacation requires a public hearing and will be heard in May 2021. The easements will need to be vacated and then this plat recorded. Vogel said he has placed the easement vacation as a condition of plat approval.

Vogel said staff have reviewed the preliminary and final plat and found they are consistent. A site plan review is also currently taking place. This is done administratively to review all city code requirements, utilities, grading and drainage and storm pond requirements.

In a letter to the city by Kwik Trip, it was explained the requested hours of operation will be 24 hours for all uses. The type of products that will be sold will be similar to that of their existing stores throughout the Midwest: fresh produce, bakery and dairy, hot and cold food and beverages, fresh meat and groceries, tobacco products, lottery, convenience store merchandise, alcohol, gasoline, diesel, ice and propane. The outside merchandising of products is being requested next to the store (two ice chests and one propane cage) and underneath the proposed main canopy. To ensure that the freshest products are sold in their stores, they are requesting that daily deliveries be allowed.

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