Dear Editor:

We, as a school board, would like to offer our most sincere congratulations to the Class of 2020.

Students begin dreaming of their graduation at an early age and those dreams do not include a pandemic or social distancing. Right at the moment students want to come together one last time to reminisce about their experience and wish each other well, world events have denied them that opportunity.

As school board members are not able to congratulate each of our graduates in person, as is tradition, we are sending a letter to each graduate expressing our congratulations, our thanks for the work each of our graduates have put in over the course of their education, our hopes for their future, and the pride we feel in students so well prepared for an uncertain world:

“If there is a lesson all of us learn the hard way, it may be that life can change dramatically in an instant. It is our character that dictates how we respond in those moments. That you have the courage to face an uncertain future we have no doubt. It has been there all along; every time you came to the aid of a classmate in trouble, helped a community member who couldn’t help themselves, gave of yourself to a cause larger than yourself, or treated a stranger with respect, you demonstrated your courage and your character.”

Stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Continue helping those in need. Give of yourself. Treat everyone with respect. All of us in the community had a hand in creating these values in our graduates and now we all look on with pride as the Class of 2020 sets that example for others. Thank you Class of 2020. You do us all proud!

North Branch Area Public Schools’ School Board:

Kirby Ekstrom

Tim MacMillan

Sarah Grovender

Heather Osagiede

Kevin Bollman

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