Dear Editor:

A few weeks ago, my mom who lives in Pine Village received a brochure in her door. It was about the appointment of the county recorder. We decided to go to the public hearing to hear the pros and cons.

There was about seven of us there for the public hearing. Around four people spoke, they were all against the appointment. These people were disrespectful and condescending, and did not have a good reason to be against the appointment. Some threats were made that if the commissioners did not do what they want, they would be replaced in the next election.

Then when the county auditor got up the explain the logic and why the county wants to do this appointment, all of the people that spoke against it, got up and left the room.

Unfortunately I had to leave also, because I had to go to work. When I walked out into the hall, two of the people that spoke against the appointment came up to me and invited me to a meeting for a group called Integrity First. I was surprised that was the name of the group, because I did not witness any integrity in those peoples behavior!

During the meeting they continually talked loudly amongst themselves and were disruptive and then the snarky attitude they had when presenting to the commissioners was embarrassing.

I think we can have a difference of opinion, but please be respectful.

After looking into the reasons for appointing the recorder, I think it should be appointed. It is a technical job with a specific skill set, not a popularity contest. And around half of the counties in the state have switched to appointed for this very reason. I want an efficient form of government that saves my tax dollars!

Wendy Hamm


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