Did you know that more than 75% of the workforce in Chisago County commutes out of the county for their employment?

The Chisago County Economic Development Authority is conducting a survey to determine why our residents are choosing to work outside of the county.

With this information, they can determine the county residents’ occupational needs in order to encourage businesses to call Chisago County their home.

Benefits of working closer to home may include saving time, gas and possible daycare costs. A person will experience less stress when not commuting in poor weather conditions and congested traffic. If commuting an hour to and from work each day, you are potentially losing out on time you could be getting paid for or time to spend with family or friends. This may even impact your completion of our own “to do” list.

How many miles do you drive? How many hours are you losing? Our communities flourish when people shop locally with convenience and proximity to their workplace. Those working closer to home have more time and opportunity to get involved in their community through volunteering, attending school events, and other activities. And the obvious, less driving is safer and better for the environment.

While we are compiling the facts you provide, we encourage you to reach out to local businesses that are currently seeking employees right here in our county. The right job might be closer than you think!

Your response to the survey is crucial to their county’s development. Complete the survey on the Chisago County HRA-EDA home page at www.chisagocounty.org by Sept. 30 for a chance to win one of 10, $100 gas cards. One survey per household. Contact them for a paper copy at 651-674-5664.

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