Memorial Day, May 25, is a time to remember the sacrifice of those who came before us. There are nearly 10 million American veterans of senior age. Even more seniors have lost friends or family members.

While many of us have been fortunate to live in a peaceful time, that is not true for our senior loved ones. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that approximately one in four seniors is a veteran of the armed services. They lived through a time plagued by war, and as such they are likely to know individuals who died in combat. For them, Memorial Day can be a time that fills them with many mixed emotions, and it is important to be sensitive to their needs.

There are numerous ways to support your senior loved one as they process their emotions during this time of remembrance. One simple way to show your support is to help them display the American flag outside of their home. The Veterans of Foreign Wars website contains a flag etiquette page at that will inform you how to display the flag properly. Ask your loved one if they would like to visit any gravesites of departed friends or relatives. Check local listings to see if an American Legion or Veterans of Foreign wars site near you has scheduled activities for veterans. The most important thing is to support your loved one in a way that is meaningful to them. Take time to listen to their needs and respect their requests.

Since elderly veterans are among the most vulnerable population during the coronavirus pandemic, numerous videos have been produced for Memorial Day 2020. These videos, honoring service members past and present, can be viewed on social media, while keeping everyone as safe as possible. The President of the National D-Day Foundation believes that World War II stories resonate strongly during the present pandemic, providing inspiration and encouragement to draw upon as the global community works through challenges posed by the coronavirus.

Happy Memorial Day! Be safe, friends!

Meals and Activities at SAC’s Enrichment Center

The Friendship Café will be closed indefinitely for dine-in, activities and day trips.

We are offering Take-out or Delivery, Monday through Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

If you are interested in delivery, call us (763-689-6555) the night before or the morning of between 8-10 a.m. Please state your name, phone number and address.

Soup, Sandwich, and fruit, $6 donation.

Soup: Vegetable Beef, Chili, or Chicken Wild Rice

Sandwich: Ham or Turkey.

OR one can choose a Chef Salad with Bread, $6 donation.

We have added a daily main entree to our weekly menu. If you don’t want the above selections, you can order the main entree below. This will come with a vegetable, bread and fruit, $6 donation.

Monday, May 25: Center closed.

Tuesday, May 26: Shepherd’s Pie.

Wednesday, May 27: Goulash.

Thursday, May 28: Chicken Salad Pasta with Jello.

Friday, May 29: Center closed.

You can substitute a chef salad for one of the above meals.

PACKAGE DEAL: You can order meals to be delivered daily Tuesday, May 26 through Thursday, May 28 for a $20 donation. On Thursday, May 28, we will deliver a frozen soup, bread, and dessert for your Friday meal. Please call on Friday, May 22, and leave a message, including your name, phone number, and address, to place your order for the following week (763-689-6555).

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