With winter fortunately, or unfortunately, right around the corner, I wanted to share some information on winter-related topics with you. I’ve highlighted some topics below that pertain to winter-specific Cambridge ordinances and performing winter-related tasks safely.

First, if you live within the city limits of Cambridge, our Winter Parking restrictions began on Nov. 1 and run through March 31. There is no parking on any city street (or city-owned parking lot) between the hours of 2-7 a.m. This is not a snow removal restriction, so no matter the weather conditions, if you are parked on a city street within those hours, you are subject to a $20 citation and-or having your vehicle towed.

The second city ordinance for your attention is 94.35. In short, it states that snow must be removed from sidewalks, by the owner of the property adjacent to the sidewalk, within 48 hours of snowfall. The full ordinances can be viewed on the city website: www.ci.cambridge.mn.us.

For those city residents fortunate enough to spend this season in a warmer climate, the Cambridge Police Department offers a free service that may benefit you. We will perform random security checks of your residence while you are away for the winter. All you need to do is stop in the police department and fill out a form with some basic information. Officers will randomly check on your property, during your absence, while they are out on patrol. We would notify you or the designated contact if there was an issue.

For the rest of us staying here throughout the winter, here are some other tips to help you get through the winter.

Two of the more common incidents that we respond to in the winter months are people that are injured due to slips and falls while outside and hypothermia. Here are some tips to avoid these instances.

When walking outside, walk slowly and carefully. Walk as flat-footed as possible in known icy areas. Wear boots or other slip-resistant footwear. You can also purchase covers to put over your footwear that have cleats embedded in them to enhance your traction.

Clear the snow from your steps, sidewalks and driveway as soon as you can and use cat litter or ice melt to keep the surfaces dry and ice-free. Also make sure these areas are well lit when you are outside.

Staying warm during our winters is always my biggest struggle. It is recommended to dress in layers. At a minimum, you should wear a moisture-wicking base layer, a heat-retaining layer and a waterproof outer layer. It is also imperative to keep your extremities (head, hands and feet) warm. There are numerous products on the market that can help you stay warm. Remember that staying warm in the extreme cold isn’t a fashion statement, but can be a matter of life or death.

If you live next to or near someone that is vulnerable such as the elderly or someone with mobility issues or another physical impairment, please consider helping them with their snow removal so they don’t have to be unnecessarily exposed to the extreme weather.

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