Emily Haglund took a moment out of her work day on Thursday, May 28, to do something that will greatly impact her future.

During her break at Cub Foods in Cambridge, she signed a national letter of intent to play soccer at Lake Superior College. Her signing was part of a virtual signing day hosted by Cambridge-Isanti High School.

“I feel like it would be kind of nice to have my family and friends actually physically there to celebrate this,” Haglund admitted. “But I’ve got my sister Hannah here — she works at Cub with me. So that’s great.”

Haglund was one of three athletes who took part in the virtual signing day, the second online event the school has hosted since the COVID-19 pandemic closed its doors. Joining Hagland were Myranda Brogger, who signed to play both basketball and golf at Minnesota-Morris, while Jordan Merwin announced she will run track and cross-country at Bethany Lutheran.

The school also announced that Hannah Cahoe, a pole vaulter for the Bluejackets, would join the track program at Bemidji State.

“It’s definitely still super exciting – it’s a happy day,” Brogger said of the virtual signing day, which took the place of the event that typically is held at the school’s media center and brings together family, friends and coaches. “But it’s also kind of sad. We don’t have our teammates and our friends here to give us hugs after, but it’s still very exciting.”

The fact that the ceremony was held virtually rather than in a group setting did not diminish the impact for the three young ladies.

“I know it’s not a normal ceremony, but it was really great to get together and hear my coaches speak about me – and me get to thank them,” Merwin said.

Myranda Brogger, basketball/golf

School: Minnesota-Morris.

Parents: Dave and Collette Brogger.

Why Minnesota-Morris? “My traveling basketball coach actually attended Morris, and he is someone that I’ve always looked up to. So I figured we might as well check out the college and see how it is. I went and visited, and I talked with the coaching staff, and I just fell in love with it as soon as I got there, and I respect all the coaches. So it was a perfect decision for me.”

What emotions are you feeling? “It’s definitely exciting – and it’s sad and happy at the same time. It feels good to not be over yet, to still continue with my passions. It’s sad saying goodbye [to high school sports] but happy saying hello [to college sports].”

How did the “shelter in place” order affect the recruiting process? “I am actually very lucky because I found Morris when I was a sophomore, and we kind of started things a little early. I applied this year and got accepted this year before the pandemic, so luckily I have everything figured out before all that confusing stuff happening.”

Emily Haglund, soccer

School: Lake Superior College.

Parents: Charles and Jennifer Haglund.

Why Lake Superior? “I just focused on finding like schools and it turns out that there was a soccer team. Then the coach actually reached out to me right away and I was really shocked. You just have to have patience and everything will eventually fall into place the way that you want it to.”

What emotions are you feeling? “It’s always been a dream of mine to play college soccer after high school. So I just feel like at least that I did something right.”

How did the “shelter in place” order affect the recruiting process? “I actually had decided to play for them before all of this started. I went up there for a career night thing and met the coach and stuff. That all happened before all this COVID-19 stuff – thankfully.”

Jordan Merwin, cross-country/track

School: Bethany Lutheran.

Parents: Aaron and Kristin Merwin.

Why Bethany Lutheran? “Bethany Lutheran had all the things I was looking for in a school. When I went for a visit and I met the coach, I realized he was just so passionate about coaching. Later he messaged me about my season, and I realized he cared for me as a person and an athlete.”

What emotions are you feeling? “I’m really excited to be moving on next year, but I’m also really sad right now. I missed my senior track season towards the end, so it’s nice to know it’s not the end of my career.”

How did the “shelter in place” order affect the recruiting process? “I was really lucky because coming into my senior year, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do next year. And then during the fall it just kind of fell into place after I went and did an overnight there. I was very lucky to be settled on when I was going and what I was doing before COVID-19 hit.”

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