Dear Editor:

June 30 was hot and humid. My wife, Barb, and I were helping our daughter and son in law move some things into the house they bought in Cambridge.

We had been using the air conditioner for quite sometime and our truck died and wouldn’t start. A woman from across the street appeared and asked if we needed help or a jump. We said yes and she said she would get her husband. Within a minute her husband was there with a power pack jumping our battery. The truck started we said thanks and drove off.

We turned north on Main Street and the truck died. Another woman just ahead of us turned right and came back. She asked if we needed a jump. We said yes and she attached the cables but the truck wouldn’t keep running. We thanked her for her efforts. Meanwhile, a Cambridge Police Officer arrived to see if we needed assistance. He was very nice and said he would wait until we got help.

I walked over to Cambridge Automotive and met Steve. He was very helpful and said he would fix the truck.

In the meantime I called Leaf’s Towing and they arrived within five minutes and towed the truck to Steve’s shop.

I have been quite familiar with Cambridge in my former business as a real estate appraiser. I’ve always been very impressed with the people and businesses in Cambridge. I’m glad my daughter and her family have the opportunity to live in Cambridge. Although we didn’t get all the names of people who offered us help, my wife and thank all of them for their effort and kindness.

Roger and Barb Crawford


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