Ambry Hill Technologies joined the North 65 Chamber of Commerce and celebrated with a lunch at Willards in Cambridge. Pictured on the left are Eric Schech, Product Brand Manager of Ambry Hill Technologies; Richard Frisk, Vice President of Sales of Ambry Hill Technologies; and Paul Stewart, President of Ambry Hill Technologies. Pictured on the right are Stan Gustafson, Cambridge Economic Development Director; Lynda Woulfe, Cambridge City Administrator; and Melissa Bettendorf, Executive Director of North 65 Chamber of Commerce. Photos submitted

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Ambry Hill Technologies is setting up headquarters in Cambridge. It’s the creator of VistaQuote, the most comprehensive RFQ (requests for quotes) management system in the world.

“We are an aviation business software company that process RFQ. In the aviation market, there is about 20 different marketplaces where aviation companies publish their inventory. The buyers subscribe to these marketplaces so they can search the inventory. When they get a result, it shows everybody that has that inventory in the world. They check off those people and they get sent an email with an RFQ,” President and CEO of Ambry Hill Technologies Paul Stewart said. “The average company is receiving 100 to 300 of RFQs every day for different inventory that they’re listing. Our software actually captures all of that email traffic. We standardize it and then we’ve got patent pending technology that allows for our cloud-based software as a solution to communicate with their local business software. It’s the first of its kind; so we’ve actually bridged the gap between local data and online data. It’s pretty cutting-edge stuff.”

Ambry Hill Technologies recently purchased the former dental office in Cambridge at 134 Adams St. S. The building is currently under construction and remodeling.

“I hope to move into the building within the next 60 to 90 days,” Stewart said. “I want to work with the college to get some internships. St. Cloud is only 40 miles away and they’ve got a great aviation program.”

Stewart is a Desert Storm veteran. He started in the aviation industry after he left the military after 10 years of service.

“I started working at an aviation software company in San Diego and later went to work at Worthington Aviation in Eagan for 16 years as head of operations in IT,” Stewart said. “Then I started Ambry Hill and last year I sold the company to Air T, based in Minneapolis, and they’re our parent company.”

Stewart said Ambry Hill Technologies is a virtual company, which allows them have offices around the world.

“The head of development, head of sales, heads of implementation, training and IT are all in California. We also have an office in India where we have our developers there,” Stewart said. “We now have a team in Mexico where we develop the software. Our sales people are kind of scattered throughout the U.S.”

According to Stewart, Cambridge offers many opportunities for Ambry Hill Technologies.

“When you look at Cambridge, it’s a developing community. We have one of the top ranked community colleges (Anoka-Ramsey Community College),” Stewart said. “Cambridge has an affordable cost of living. We have all the amenities of a big city here. Also, Cambridge has opportunity zones and our building is in the opportunity zone.”

Stewart said they do not plan on having clients at the office in Cambridge. The facility is going to be the headquarters and base for technical support, training and software implementation.

Stewart and his family have lived in Rush City for nearly 20 years and his children graduated from Cambridge-Isanti High School, so he is familiar with the city.

“We’re excited to be a part of the community,” Stewart said. “One of the first things we’d like to do is hire instructors. As soon as we get established, I want to set up internships for entry level support, join the Chamber of Commerce and things like that.”

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