After months of waiting and wondering when the next time the gym would be able to open and equipment would be able to utilized by members, Snap Fitness owner Heidi Lietha was one of many gym owners excited to say welcome back June 10 at 12:01 a.m.

“I am so happy to reopen the gyms, I have missed the members so much. I think we are all ready for a little normalcy back in our lives and I am happy to provide that to people that want to be at the gym,” Lietha said. “Sitting and waiting for our number to be called to reopen was very stressful, and now I feel like I can turn around and rebuild my business, which is such a relief.”

Being able to be back at the gym has been great for both Lietha and Snap members, but the journey back was rough, and work still needs to be done on a daily basis, not only by Lietha but by members themselves.

“In order to reopen, first we needed to develop a plan to be in compliance with the guidelines that the government had set for us. Most of our preparation was about making sure that the gyms were clean and sanitized,” Lietha said. “We have extra sanitizer out for members to use to clean their equipment, reminders about social distancing and good hygiene, and currently we only have half our cardio equipment available for use. As always, we are working hard at maintaining a high level of cleanliness for the members. As things change we will be flexible and roll with it.”

Lietha is also asking members to ensure they are taking precautions, as well as complying with capacity regulations.

“What we really need from the members is to make sure to sanitize their equipment and clean up after themselves. All along I have asked the members to be kind and respectful towards my staff as we learn more about what needs to be done and to each other so we can all enjoy the gym,” Lietha said.

“The government has asked that we limit our capacity to 25% for the time being; in Cambridge that is 25 people at once and in Isanti that is 13 people at once,” Lietha added.

In order to stay within the capacity limits Lietha is asking members to take a head count upon arrival at the gym, and if they aren’t at capacity they are welcome to come in and workout. If the gym is at capacity, members are asked to be respectful and wait for someone to leave to ensure guidelines are being followed.

At this time the gym, with the exception of scheduled group classes, is fully functional and Lietha is hoping members will be respectful of social distancing while working out.

“We are able to open up the gym and maintain 24-hour access and still be in compliance with the government,” Lietha said. “Aside from some of the cardio, all of the equipment and amenities (are) available for use as long as members make sure to maintain social distancing. We are holding off on classes for the moment while we get up and running, but hope to add them back soon.”

“The best part about reopening has been reconnecting with the members. My managers and I worked really hard to get them ready in a short period of time and the feedback we are getting is very positive and members are so grateful for the work we have done,” Lietha added.

To keep updated on Snap Fitness centers within the area follow each individual location on Facebook — Snap Fitness (Cambridge, MN); Snap Fitness (Isanti, MN) — or find a location at

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