Allina Health

With the safety of their patients, employees and visitors as their top priority, Allina Health has returned to Red Visitor Status, which means no visitors will be allowed, with limited exceptions.

More information can be found on their visitor guidelines on

Allina Health has never seen a community illness impact patients and staff to the levels COVID-19 is currently. The current surge of COVID-19 infections has increased levels of community exposure has sharply increased pressure on the communities they serve and on an already strained system dealing with staffing shortages. In the first five days of 2022, an average of more than 100 staff members per day were removed from work because they were COVID-19 positive or awaiting tests/test results.

“The weariness among healthcare workers and the general public is profound. We empathize and are hopeful 2022 will bring a turning point in this pandemic; however, we need the public to help those who care for us,” said Hsieng Su, MD, Allina Health senior vice president and chief medical executive. “The Omicron variant appears to sharply spike and then decline. According to the models, things will likely get worse later in January before we see them get better. We need everyone working together to get through this peak.”

Allina Health asks everyone to do their part to stop the continued spread of COVID-19 and help protect our patients, staff and communities:

• Get vaccinated, plus get your booster.

• Wear a mask (even if you’re vaccinated), plus socially distance.

• If you feel sick, get tested for COVID-19.

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