Every year in the garden has its own challenges and at harvest time I like to sum up the successes and failures in not just my garden, but the gardens of my friends and neighbors as well.

Seems we all had enough rain this year but some of us had wind and hail to go with it. Often it would rain heavily in one area and just down the road, they’d get nothing. And the downpours wouldn’t last long but at least they were somewhat frequent.

We started out with a cold, wet spring which delayed the gardening season. If you managed to get some cole crops in early like spinach, lettuce or peas, you probably had a good crop. Other cole crops like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage, which got in early, suffered through the hot wet weather but fortunately, recovered nicely. Sweet corn was also delayed and there was some loss of germination, but for the most part, the harvest was good. Tomatoes and Peppers planted before May 30 took a hard hit with a late May frost and many plants had to be tossed out and new ones planted. Early and late blight are also a problem when the nights remained cool which also delays ripening.

Because we had temperatures in December cold enough to freeze the soil but no significant snowfall for ground insulation, many perennial plants died over the winter. Blueberries in particular were hard hit if they didn’t have any protection. The early raspberry crop did well but the Heritage, which are a late season crop, are a week later than usual.

Cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, onions, beets and carrots all faired much better this year. There is a concern now though that the corn still in the field could succumb to an early frost since the wet fields delayed planting. Here’s hoping we have a great fall.

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