Chris Simon, Professional Services Director of Visionworks, recently shared an antidote regarding how analyzing missing data can actually be more important than the data we have in hand.

Mr. Simon told the story about how often World War II fighter planes came back riddled with bullet holes and the idea was to strengthen those areas of the plane where most of the holes were located.

A mathematician, Abraham Wald, pointed out the reason certain areas of the planes weren’t covered in bullet holes was that planes shot in those areas did NOT return, meaning THOSE were the areas which actually needed additional armor.

What we can glean most from this story is how critical it is to gather differing points of view when examining issues (data) in our work lives, or for that matter, our personal lives. It might very well be the things that are not happening or showing up in data are the most important. Something to consider when you need to make that next big decision at your workplace or in your life.

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